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Beautiful, Bright and Fast

Collective Brass performs classical music spanning the centuries! This engaging program delights audiences with  classical favorites, beautiful melodies, and breath taking energy. Beautiful, Bright and Fast features music originally written for brass as well as virtuosic piano and vocal music by Monteverdi, Mozart, and Debussy.

Brass Traditions

Brass Traditions explores the history of brass chamber music. Given that valves are fairly modern inventions, there is not a body of chamber music specifically written for our instruments. We have thus adapted early chamber music for the brass quintet! This practice is nothing new and was regularly employed by musicians of the renaissance and baroque. After valves came into being in 1821, the brass quintet began to establish itself as a serious chamber ensemble. In addition to early music, arranged and adapted by members of Collective Brass, Brass Traditions includes classical and romantic era pieces by Mozart, Maurer, and Ewald.

With Great Boldness - the Works of Female Composers

With Great Boldness - the Works of Female Composers features several new works by living women composers from throughout the United States, including Grammy winners Joan Tower and Augusta Reed Thomas. In addition, we feature pieces of antiquity by the great Hildegard von Bingen and Anna Amalia, some of the boldest women composers in history.

A Collective Christmas

Spend the holidays with Collective Brass! Perfect for the whole family, you will enjoy holiday favorites such as selections from the Nutcracker, new arrangements of ancient carols and even a sing-along! Also, don't forget, a Christmas concert would not be complete without the Hallelujah Chorus. You will be sure to have a very Collective Christmas!

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